Proximus Music mAIstro

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    Proximus – Pivott

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Proximus Music mAIstro

A revolutionary AI-powered Twitter account for Proximus, that manages to read every single Tweet in Belgium, understand the feelings behind it and comment with an appropriate song. Having the Monday Blues? mAistro will send you the perfect music to make it better.

PROXIMUS – Music mAIstro Landing Page

The Challenge

Proximus requested a smart, fun and unprecedented way of using Social Media to get in touch with the public. The idea was to create an AI-driven, musically inclined Twitter bot that has the ability to read and understand your tweet, mAIstro, analyses every tweet made in Belgium in real-time and responds with an appropriate song that you can listen to directly on Spotify.

Strategy & Approach

We selected various AI frameworks and systems such as the language processing of IBM Watson and sentiment analysis to make sure that the automated responses of mAIstro will not only be accurate but also close to a human level of understanding. As a result, mAIstro can not only understand what users posted on Twitter, but also the feelings behind them, and propose songs that accurately reflect the spirit of the message.

Final Experience

As a result, mAIstro performed perfectly, replying with songs that had an outstanding level of accurateness. The public reaction was almost exclusively positive, with most users finding the replies funny, thoughtful or even emotionally supportive for situations that this was needed.