• Client:

    SAS DecoWorkers

  • Year:


  • Role:

    Web Application Development

  • Website:



Splandeed is an online marketplace with a unique user experience twist, allowing professionals and companies of the Archi-Deco-Design world to promote and connect with clients.

SPLANDEED Website – Map

The Challenge

Decoworkers contacted us with a very inspiring idea. They wanted to provide users with a unique and memorable way to explore Archi-Deco-Design. For this, we were tasked with fully designing and developing their website that would help them bring this idea into reality.

Strategy & Approach

We approached this request with an unconventional mind, focusing on familiarizing ourselves with the client’s inspiration. The “exploration” core theme greatly influenced our concept for design and user experience, and we placed emphasis on creating a user flow that would support this experience, but also provide targeted results, to better promote the businesses that are subscribed to the platform.

Final Experience

We created a marketplace with a playful and inspirational interface. The main user interaction on the website comes from a map of little houses and stores, where each of these is representing a different business. These stores are further grouped by common themes, and this is represented on the map as separate districts. By interacting with the houses, the user is able to further access a businesses profile, that offers image galleries and further relevant info.